I'm Julie and I'm a brave gay knight.

ok goodbye

even when I ask for help nobody will help me
where do I go when nobody cares
? thank you


tfw no gf


me: *sees a cute gay*

me: *wonders if they can tell I’m also a cute gay*

ppl reblogging my typo i’m gonna cry this is not what i planned i’m going off the tracks here


cloricat yeah I think so. It was so gross omg

ughh they’re terrifying

and they’re so fast which makes it all the worse


I wish there were more genuinely good people in the world


deep conversations with open minded people are my most favorite things ever

"I’m 36 and I am at a really good place in my life right now. And when I was your age, in college, I wasn’t. So don’t you let anyone tell you that college or your 20’s should automatically be the best part of your life, or that growing up and being an adult means everything goes downhill. That’s bullshit. I am so happy right now as a middle-aged person. That’s totally a thing. So don’t worry about growing up." - My chemistry professor today, just out of the blue. I thought it was really apropos for all college-aged individuals. (via pineapplemountain)
Describe yourself on anon and I’ll say if I’d date you.

Age, gender, height, eye and hair color, then tell me what your favorite something (hobby, class, music, etc) and what kind of date you want to take me on. 



this is my all-time favourite tumblr post


this is my all-time favourite tumblr post


girls are cute and I am weak